To be released soon. Short comedic parody film for Kevin A's single Kwame Brown from his debut EP Tropic.

Music video for Kevin A - Make Me Move.

DIRECTOR/DP // Sampreeth Rao
LEAD // Kevin Ramroop
SUPPORTING // Whitney Chase
PRODUCER // Ian McGillivray
FIRST AC // Zach Minawi
BTS // Amandeep Sandhu
Produced by Lost in Nostalgia

Toronto New Wave Film Festival

Flaunt Magazine

Email for link to full film. 13 min 33 sec.

Kevin Ramroop is a twenty-two year old just trying to do what he loves; making soulful and sultry r&b music. As he roams the forest of his childhood, Kevin reflects on the philosophies by which he lives his life, remembering the past while wondering about the future. Drifting in and out of the physical reality of the forest and his own hyper-realistic headspace, he finally makes a discovery about his perspective on the world.

Regent Park Film Festival
Toronto Indie Doc Fest
Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival
CUE Margin of Eras
West Virginia Mountaineer's Film Festival

Why do you make music?

TIFFxInstagram selection, click here and here for more info.

"Cool docu vibe and abstract visuals" - Nabil Elderkin
"Well structured short doc, love getting inside the compulsion to create, chasing that one moment when it comes together." - Ben Richardson

DIRECTOR/DP // Sampreeth Rao
LEAD // Kevin Ramroop
SCORE // Kevin Ramroop
PRODUCER // Sampreeth Rao, Yao Tuggs
FIRST AD // Jamyle Burchell
FIRST AC // Zach Minawi
ADD. CAM. (FILM) // Masooma Ali
GAFFER // Zach Minawi
BEST BOY // Darshak Patel
SET DESIGN // Fazan Baig
ASS. SET DESIGN // Ayub Akhtar, Amandeep Sandhu
STYLIST // Masooma Ali
PA // Brandon Bernard, Justin Brown, Richard West

Film shot on 16mm Kodak 3378

Produced by Triangle & Seed Art Collective
With the assistance of LIFT, Animating Democracy
Funded by CUE

Excerpts from a few projects I've directed/written/shot.

Music by Kevin Ramroop.

A fashion film for the hijab collection from Chinutay & Co.

DIRECTOR/DP // Sampreeth Rao
PRODUCERS // Manal Abdul, Masooma Ali
MODELS // Madison Meleeya, Eden Debebe, Maryam Salimi, Anna Gonzales
SCORE // Kevin Ramroop
FIRST AD // Zach Minawi
SET DESIGN // Muna Abdul
STYLIST // Masooma Ali
MAKEUP // Neelab Rahmani

A short documentary profiling Hernan Munoz, a member of the CAMH-affiliated rap group, the Mindful MCs.

Featured on The Local.

A profile of the hat collaboration between Mitchell & Ness and Chronic Ink's BKS.

DIRECTOR/DP // Sampreeth Rao
EXEC. PROD // Bryan West, Richard West
PRODUCERS // Sampreeth Rao, Zach Minawi
ASS. DIR // Zach Minawi, Richard West
FIRST AC // Ian McGillivray
PHOTO // Jamyle Burchell, Amandeep Sandhu
SCORE // Aubrey McGhee, Kevin Ramroop

Returning to something.

Music by Kevin Ramroop

Kwame Brown

Make Me Move

Watching TV With The Mind Off

Red In Your Head


Chinutay & Co.

Shedding Light on the Shadow

Mitchell & Ness x Chronic Ink

Stay For Love